What to do in 3 easy steps

The medical requirements for New Zealand immigration are quite demanding and may be confusing. We have streamlined the process to make make it as simple as possible.

Start by following the steps below:


Choose your clinic

Consider the following

Our experience

We have done over 1,500 New Zealand immigration examinations since 2005.

Our location

We are located in downtown Vancouver, 5 minutes from Skytrain. X-rays and all tests are done in the same building, during the same visit.

Our prices

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Book an appointment

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Cost of NZ visa medical exam

General Medical Certificate Doctor X-ray Lab TOTAL
Age 0 - 4 220 - - 220
Age 5 - 10 220 - 12 232
Age 11 - 14 220 105 12 337
Age 15 - 74 220 105 199 554
Age over 74 270 105 199 574
Limited Medical Certificate Doctor X-ray Lab TOTAL
Any age 200 105 33 338
X-ray Certificate Doctor X-ray Lab TOTAL
Any age 80 105 - 185

Come in to see us

When you arrive in our office, you will be seen during your reserved time. The whole visit may take between 45 minutes (for a single person on a quiet day) and up to 2.5 hours for a family of four on a busy day.

You will have a standard physical exam by the panel doctor. This does not involve an internal examination or breast examination. It will be necessary to partially undress for the examination. Gowns are available. A chaperone is offered to all females examined by Dr. Ciszak.

Depending on age, you may also need a chest X-ray and laboratory tests.
X-ray clinic and laboratory are in the same building. The tests do not require fasting (you can eat before you come in).

Here are some additional pages with more detailed information:

What does an immigration examination involve?

What laboratory tests will I need?

X-ray examination in pregnancy - is it safe?

More questions answered on our FAQ page

After the exam

As soon as your medical report is complete, usually in 2-4 days, we will transmit it to Immigration New Zealand in Wellington via the eMedical portal. If any of your tests are abnormal we will let you know before sending the report.

The decision is made exclusively by Immigration New Zealand (INZ), based on the medical facts collected by the doctor, not on the doctor’s opinion or recommendation. After the report is submitted, the doctor has no further access to the case and is not informed about the outcome of your application. You will receive an answer directly from INZ.

If the above does not answer all your questions, please use the Search box on this website, our FAQ page, email us or call us at 604-682-5291. Also check out the official Immigration New Zealand website.

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