Dr. W. P. Ciszak Medical Services Inc.

Medical examinations for immigration

Dr. Wojtek Ciszak and Dr. Nichole Sturwold are Panel Physicians for the Canadian, Australian and New Zealand governments. We are also able to perform immigration medicals for several other countries.

If you need an immigration medical examination for Canada, Australia or NZ please follow the links below for detailed information on how to do it quickly and efficiently.

If you need an examination for another country, please call us as details are highly variable. Please note that we do not perform medicals for the United States - please call the U.S. consulate for directions.

Efficient, precise and reliable

The procedure set out by the government for immigration medical examinations is quite complicated and the panel physician must follow a long list of very particular rules in preparing and submitting the medical report. Any error or omission can result in your report being delayed or rejected. Our top priority is to exercise great care in preparing and submitting your medical report so that your case is processed by immigration promptly and without complications.



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