Immigration exams - Frequently Asked Questions

Immigration medical examinations are mandated by law in Canada, Australia and New Zealand in order to exclude people who may have a dangerous condition (for example active tuberculosis or serious mental illness), or a condition that is very expensive to treat and will be a financial burden to the system (for example kidney failure or active cancer).

It is a simple physical checkup with emphasis on excluding serious illness. Minor or temporary problems are ignored. Your privacy and dignity is always respected. Please read the detailed description of the examination.

Yes, the examination guidelines from the government do require the applicant to undress down to the the underwear. Suitable cover is provided and female clients receive a chaperone. Please read the detailed description of the examination

We have two doctors: Dr. Wojtek Ciszak (male) and Dr. Nichole Sturwold (female). You have a choice of which doctor to see.

For a single person, the entire examination, including X-ray and Lab can be as short as 45 minutes. On very busy days, it may take up to 90 minutes. For couples and families, it will be longer. A family of four should budget 2.5 hours to be safe.

No. Drug tests are not required.

We submit all the findings electronically using the government platform known as eMedical. The decision on medical admissibility is made exclusively by the government. The examining panel doctor does not make any recommendations or express any opinions on who should be approved.

A person can be deemed medically inadmissible if they have an illness that is dangerous to the public (e.g. active tuberculosis) or would be an excessive burden on the health care system (e.g. needing an organ transplant). Such a decision by the government is never based on a single examination by a panel doctor. Applicants with a significant medical condition will receive a ‘Medical Furtherance’ request and will have an opportunity to prove that their medical condition is not a disqualifying one.

Absolutely. We will never send any adverse information to the government without first discussing it with you. Read more details about eMedical reports.

Yes, there is no avoiding the X-ray since tuberculosis detection is one of the key parts of the immigration exam. Fortunately, modern X-ray machines are very safe and you have a few options on how to deal with the X-ray requirement during pregnancy.

Unfortunately, that is not possible since we depend on the X-ray clinic and Lab being open at the same time.

Since we are located in the heart of downtown, there is no free parking. But there is a very convenient parkade, with reasonable rates, right next to our building on Hornby Street.

Yes, you are entitled to all the information we send to the government on your behalf. But please read the page about eMedical reports before you request one.

In addition to English, Dr. Ciszak speaks Spanish, French, Polish and Russian. Our main receptionist speaks Spanish.


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