Copies of medical reports

and disclosure of medical information

You have the right to the medical information collected about you. It is our obligation to disclose to you all the medical information that we have collected in the course of the medical examination process.

If any abnormality is detected during the physical examination, the doctor will discuss it with you at the time. If your X-ray or any of your laboratory results are later reported as abnormal, the doctor will contact you directly to explain it to you and provide some initial guidance on how to deal with the problem.

We do not send any adverse findings or results to immigration without first discussing them with you.

If we do not call you or email you within 5 days of your examination, you can safely assume that we have submitted your medical report to the government without any surprises. If you are still worried, you are free to call us to make sure.

You can also get from us a copy of the actual electronic report that we have submitted to the government. The cost is $20. However, before you request one, please consider the following:

  • The report consists of 6 pages describing the content of your exam and Yes/No answers to a list of questions. It does not contain the X-ray image or the actual reports we received from the lab. (These can be obtained directly from the X-ray clinic and lab, if needed, even years later.)

  • The copy of the report is of doubtful usefulness. It cannot be used as proof of good health for any other purpose. Since it only addresses questions of interest to immigration, it is not a complete assessment of your current state of health and cannot replace a consulation with your own doctor.

  • Some clients request a copy of the report, believing that it is a proof that can be used if their report is lost. This is not necessary. Your medical case, once created, can never be lost and can always be accessed by immigration using the file number that you have. Also, the copy cannot be used as a substitute for the actual electronic report that we submit.

  • The report cannot be printed at the time of your appointment. This can only be done after all the results have come in and the case is submitted.
    It  involves reopening your case and some extra work, hence the $20 charge.

  • You can request the copy of the report from us even a long time after your appointment, so you don't have to decide now.

It is also possible to request a copy of your report from immigration, but this is much more cumbersome and we do not recommend this route.

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