Detailed description of the examination

What will be done

We first measure your height and weight and check your vision using an eye chart. This is done while you are still dressed, with your shoes off.

You will then be left alone in the examining room to undress.

When the doctor sees you, he/she will first ask you some questions about your health history. After that he/she will examine the following:

Breast examination is not done unless there is a history of breast cancer or a suspicion of breast cancer based on the history.

Vaginal or rectal examination is never done.

You will spend about 30-40 minutes in our office. You should allow another 60 minutes to complete the X-ray and lab tests, in separate offices in the same building.


You will need to undress for the examination.

Men are asked to undress to their shorts and then sit on the examining table. Men are usually not offered any gown or cover unless they request one.

Women are asked to undress down to their panties and are offered a large sheet to cover themselves. Gowns are also available on request but we find that the sheet works better for the purpose of this examination. If you are not comfortable removing your bra, please say so before the examination so we can work out a suitable accommodation for you.


Women are first asked if they will be comfortable being alone with the doctor. If not, a female staff member will offer to be with them during the examination. You may prefer to have a female relative to be with you in the room. You can also change your mind at any time and request a chaperone during the examination. If you generally prefer being examined by a female physician, please say so when booking the appointment.


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